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Embracing Failure: Five Powerful Lessons To Overcome It

We’ve all been there. We’ve all seen how our dreams are miserably crushed. How our projects and hopes drown in a sea of despair and anxiety. Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce you to: Failure.

Failure is the Voldemort of nouns. Nobody wants to deal with it, people get frustrated and depressed when they experience it and everybody at large desperately avoids it. Yet, failure is omnipresent in our lives and for our own sake it should never leave us completely.

Five Lessons For Dealing With Failure

1. Keep a positive mind

Be confident even when it gets rough. Failure can shatter your confidence and bring discouragement to the table but remember there is always hope. Find that light at the end of a tunnel. It sounds cliche but believe me, it does wonders. Surround yourself with an optimistic and positive attitude. By keeping your spirit grounded you’re instantly refreshing your senses and overall energy. Try it by going outside. Walk into a park and enjoy the sun. Watch a stand-up comedy special. Invite your friends over for dinner, or simply rest a lot. All in all, it’s all about relaxing your soul by keeping the nasty damaging thoughts out of your head.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” ― Thomas A. Edison

2. Learn from your experiment

The repetitive mundane task of trial-and-error is by its own nature disruptive. It blows when you have a setback but instead of hurting yourself by letting anger, disappointment and negativity get the best of you, sit back and learn from it. Take your time and analyse profusely what good things you could take from the experience. Remember that one of the disadvantages of getting out of your comfort zone is that you’re not only setting yourself up for adventure, you’re also signing up for catastrophe, which is a good thing because it makes you more resilient. You can’t get something done without failing, and failing involves practice, lots of it.

3. Use failure as fuel for energy

Shift your perspective and use failure as a motivator. Those who have succeeded will tell you that failure was a necessary stepping stone in their careers and a compulsory experience in order to get them to the next level. Use it as a growth factor. Draw inspiration from it. Once you have accepted your mistakes they become a resourceful repertoire.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. — Confucius

4. Take a break

The last thing you want to do is to overdo it. If it’s getting way too dark and the stress fog revolving around seems to be overtaking, then take a step back and leave whatever you are doing. Enjoy yourself. Go out and get drunk. Sleep with a stranger. By stepping aside, you are allowing your brain to take some time off. Then return to your project in a couple of days, even weeks. You’ll realize that your mind will be a lot clearer after the unplugging.

5. Move on if it’s necessary

It’s totally fine to hit rock bottom. That’s the core definition of our human race. Without failure we would never be where we are now, nor would we have accomplished so much. Be wary though and don’t hold on to the dread thoughts. Scrap your project and move further along. Don’t be afraid of not being attached. Sometimes there are ideas that look and perform amazingly in our heads but are way too complicated to put into development. It’s OK to start again. A dogged attitude and determination would be required to let a project go. Once you do, you’ll find yourself thinking about new unprecedented ones in no time.

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