Martin Bond Nicely said. I also think that the moderate use of porn might bring some benefits, even into relationships that, for example, are beginning to have issues to spice things up in bed. Also, porn might allow some people to further develop fetishes or sexual preferences in bed they otherwise wouldn’t have let in before. I believe the problem lies when its use — like you stated above — it’s within the parameters of the relationship behind the partner’s back, and in order to get off. Even thought pornography now is more diverse and even there are feminist porno studios right now producing feminist content, the industry is still focusing on the male factor of the equation which makes it a gender issue, this together with the violence and aggression often portray in their films, and finally I agree with your statement that “we need to look at our our sexual desires and loving relationships in a much more realistic and clear-eyed way”. This is one of the biggest issues porn is killing love and relationships. Thank you.

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