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Don’t let this cute typewriter fool you, it is here to haunt you

There’s something about writing that I really love and it’s how powerful your thoughts and ideas are translated once they become words and into a prose. I don’t mean to say that is not an enjoyable task, writing it’s really an isolated activity and a place for the loner. It really consumes lots of energy too. When you’re writing you have to put yourself in front of your canvas, an empty one, you have to fully strip yourself away and that my friend it’s hard as hell.

“Writing is utter solitude, the descent into the cold abyss of oneself.” Franz Kafka

As a person who likes and enjoys talking a lot, sometimes the process of writing can be quite boring. Writing it’s definitely more structured and to be honest less entertaining too. Specially when you are used to open your mouth to quickly express or spit out whatever is inside your heart, brain or even your penis (YES, your genitalia can help you break the ice too) drafting words and coming up with catchy phrases can become a suicide watch task. Please DO NOT call my mom.

For a lot of people a new year means: resolution time! which I quite hate because only a few can pull them off and I sincerely believe that the fact of waiting for a new year to come to start doing something it’s just another bullshit excuse, mass-fabrication tactic and a continuation lie to ourselves with the promise of taking us out of the procrastination routine and the “no-time/too busy” speech everyone is deeply sucked in. Therefore, this year I decided to make a new year’s resolution, which is: write more and more, Ironic, isn’t? But what’s life without contradicting yourself, at least I’m honest about it and about how committed I am with my hygiene. For example: I’ve been waiting to get home to take a shower to fully wash the dirt and the shame off, yet that was two days ago and here I am writing shit (an smelling like one) on the internet nobody is probably going to read. Oh! the irony.

I love writing. Is something that relaxes me and helps me battle lonely days and exhausting long travels. Through words I can let my imagination shine. My spirit is lifted every time I write a postcard or a message to a friend. Writing fulfils me, like musicals to a gay man. Writing more constantly is going to be a challenge, a new chapter in my journey for sure. I don’t even know if it’s going to be worthy though. But I actually don’t care if I fail or if I don’t make you laugh or smirk while reading, among which, by the way is a very serious purpose of mine, as well as going to the gym and become a sexy fitness Latino mixed-race model.

Nevertheless, you are my first and top priority, together with that uneaten chocolate cookie I bought a week ago that’s been staring at me ever since. I’m excited and scared at the same time. Judging by how soaked in piss my pants are right now. I’d say that I’m mostly freak out, but also happy. This will be the place to write funny, deep, stupid, over the top and hopefully interesting stuff that would keep you coming back for more, for me it’s a raw experiment and an unedited version of myself, meaning LOTS of Grammar mistakes and probably fact checking feuds with my readers. Are you ready to rumble? I surely am.

Love. Orge

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